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Prof. Dr. Hab. Grzegorz Weclawowicz
Polish Academy of Sciences
Stanislaw Leszczycki Instytut of Geography and Spatial Organization
Department of Urban and Population Studies
ul. Twarda 51/11
00-818 Warszawa
Tel.: + 48 22 69 78 825
Fax: + 48 22 62 06 221

Grzegorz Weclawowicz is the Head of the Department of Urban and Population Studies, member of the Polish Geographical Association (vice-president since 1997) and member of the European Studies Research Institute University of Salford. In 1988 he published a book under the title: "The Socio-Spatial Structure in Polish Cities". In this book the first outline of a theory of the socialist city has been launched. Since 1991 his research has been supported by different foreign universities, such as the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Paris University X-Nanterre and Université Libre de Bruxelles. In 1995/1996 he was a lecturer in the School of Geography, University of Leeds. His current research concentrates on two subjects. The first is about the social and spatial consequences of the transformation in Central Europe. The results of this research have been published in "Contemporary Poland Space and Society" (UCL, London, 1996). In addition, since 1994 he has been responsible for the Warsaw part of the research project funded by the European Union Programme "The Social and Economic Consequences of Privatisation in Central and Eastern Europe" (CIPA CT 930082). The second subject concerns urban issues. Having a strong empirical basis and knowledge of different concepts concerning urban areas, specifically the theory of the socialist city and its post-socialist transformation in Poland and Central Europe.