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Assoc. Prof. Irene Molina
Dept. of Social & Economic Geography
Uppsala University
Kyrkogardsgatan 10, Box 513
SE-751 20 Uppsala
Tel.: + 46 18 471 7383 / + 46 70 405 7483
Fax: + 46 18 471 7418

Irene Molina is an associate professor in Human Geography and has largely dealt with research on different aspects of the housing markets of Latin America and Europe, in particular Chile and Sweden. The issues studied have focused on urban segregation, social inequality, racial discrimination, and gender biased residential patterns. Her main contribution to the study of residential segregation in Sweden has been the introduction of the concept of racialization of the city, based on the analysis of racial segregation in Swedish cities in general and in some stigmatized estates in particular. Molina has participated actively in several international networks such as Metropolis, Most-Unesco, Ethnobarometer, and EU-Raxen among others. Her most recent research has concentrated on the role of Media and other discourses in the construction of the "bad estates" in the postcolonial Swedish city. Currently, Molina is working on the issue of institutional and everyday life racial discrimination at the Swedish housing market.