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Thomas Knorr-Siedow
Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning (IRS)
Flakenstrasse 28-31
D-15537 Erkner
Tel. + Fax: + 49 17 15 42 21 57

Thomas Knorr-Siedow, sociologist and town planner joined the IRS in 1993 after lengthy spells in the management of urban development. He ´was deputy head of the department for 'Structural Development of Settlements' at the IRS, research co-ordinator, and is currently a senior researcher at the Research Department 'Knowledge Milieus and Settlement Structures' with special responsibilities for EU-research. He has been engaged in social research in large prefabricated housing estates in Germany and Eastern Europe, self-organisation and self-help in building and urban development and comparative research about urban development strategies integrating local economy, social cohesion and building. He has been an advising expert to the European Academy of the Urban Environment, active in planning-moderation in eastern German and central European cities and teaches in social aspects of urban planning and development at the BTU Cottbus.