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Anna Guszcza
Polish Academy of Sciences
Stanislaw Leszczycki Instytut of Geography and Spatial Organization
Department of Urban and Population Studies
ul. Twarda 51/11
00-818 Warszawa
Tel.: + 48 22 69 78 822
Fax: + 48 22 62 06 221

Anna Guszcza is a graduate of the Department of Sociology and Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Warsaw. In 2002 she received the scholarship at the University of Amsterdam (International School for Humanities and Social Sciences). Her main research interests include sociology of education; provision of educational services to children as well as to adults. She is particularly interested in the processes of life-long learning and application of modern technologies in education. At the moment Anna Guszcza is working as a junior researcher on the RESTATE project in the Department of Urban and Population Studies in the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organisation of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland.