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Prof. Dr. Nicole Commerçon
UMR 5600, CNRS
Institut des Sciences de l'Homme (ISH)
14-16, avenue Berthelot
F-69363 Lyon cedex 07
Tel.: + 33 472 72 64 21
Fax: + 33 478 78 71 85

Nicole Commerçon is director of research CNRS and director of the review Geocarrefour. She is a specialist of urban space, especially of the socio-spatial change in cities and medium-sized towns. She has led many national and international research groups (e.g. in Great Britain, Canada, Italy), and published 26 books, more than 100 articles and many research reports. She has worked with local authorities to set up new policies in terms of housing, planning, new location of university sites and research institutes.