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UMR 5600 "Environment-Ville-Société"
Institute des Sciences de l'Homme, Lyon, France

UMR 5600 is a mixed unit of CNRS, linking CNRS (researchers) with universities (University Lyon2, University Lyon3, University of Saint-Etienne) and "grandes écoles" (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées and Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de L'Etat) laboratories. It is one of the biggest French CNRS units in the human sciences sector (about 80 researchers and academics and about 113 young researchers and post-docs).

Full researchers and academics are mainly geographers and are making research on urban space, urban societies and urban policies. They are involved in many research projects at the national and international level (e.g., InterregII, Alliance programs, European CNRS programmes, CNRS and British Academy programmes).

Also, activities have been carried out with local authorities, ministries and national research bodies. Many books and articles have been published, and many special issues of Geocarrefour (academic geographical review published in Lyon, under CNRS help, international audience) have been set up to publish results of the UMR research.