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Department of Spatial Planning
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden

Blekinge Institute of Technology is one of the youngest universities in Sweden. In spite of that, the research at Blekinge Institute of Technology has the highest share of the budget of all new universities and colleges.

The institute has eight departments, of which one is the Department of Spatial Planning. The main areas of research are: urban structure and suburban renewal, computer support in spatial planning, traffic planning, new professional roles for planners and methods for strategic environmental assessment (SEA). At Blekinge Institute of Technology there is also a research centre for Urban Management and Regional Development. This is a centre for interdisciplinary expertise, the aim of which is to contribute to social planning development.

Researchers at the Department of Spatial Planning have participated in European projects; in one (Improving the Quality of Production via Workspace Design and Management) as advisor and in another one (Sustainable Urban and Rural Development in Four Subregions in the BSR; BALTSURD) as partner.