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Metropolitan Research Institute
Budapest, Hungary

The Metropolitan Research Institute (MRI) was established in Budapest, Hungary in 1989. Since then, MRI has become a recognised institution - employing approximately 14 highly educated economists and sociologists - working in the areas of housing policy and urban development as well as local government finance reform in Hungary. The Institute provides research and consultancy, organises conferences and designs and provides training courses.

MRI carries out research in the field of rental housing, housing cost arrears and local housing strategies. The company has produced impact assessment of a wide range of local governmental programmes (introducing value-based property tax, rehabilitation programmes, programme budgeting reform). In the framework of the urban development profile, MRI is heading an expert group to prepare the Long Term Strategic Development Plan of Budapest. MRI was also the organiser of the preparation of the Budapest Rehabilitation Concept, establishing the Budapest Urban Renewal Fund, which has been working successfully for over two years.

The clients of the Metropolitan Research Institute are ministries and local governments as well as international organisations such as the UNCHS Habitat, UN-ECE, the Council of Europe, the EU Phare programme, the World Bank, the Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative, CEU (Central European University). MRI has taken part in several international projects, including USAID housing programs, EU 5th framework research programmes and HABITAT GUID2 (Global Urban Indicator Database).