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United Kingdom

Centre for Urban and Regional Studies
School of Public Policy, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

The Centre for Urban and Regional Studies was established in 1966 and is the longest established multidisciplinary centre in this field in the UK. Its research strengths relate to a role in bridging academic and policy concerns and working across disciplines particularly in relation to housing, urban policy, local economic development, regeneration and social exclusion. CURS is one of the leading centres for research and postgraduate teaching in this field in the UK. It has over 20 PhD students at different stages of study and offers a range of Masters programmes. These postgraduate programmes attract a large number of overseas as well as British students.

The Centre has a very large annual research programme - about £900,000 last year - funded from a variety of sources including central and local government. The most important area for funded research relates to housing and urban change issues. The Centre has recently carried out a number of studies on changing demand and housing markets and on changes in the social rented sector and other tenures in Britain. These studies include research that looks at high-rise estates, housing policy, urban policy, planning and other responses to issues in these estates and other deprived areas within cities.

CURS is part of the School of Public Policy which is the largest centre for research and teaching in Public Policy in the U.K. CURS is a member of ENHR and has participated in a variety of international networks with strong continuing links in China, Japan, Korea and South America as well as in Europe.