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Centre de Recerca en Economia del Benestar - Centre for Research in Welfare Economics (CREB)
University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

The CREB is one of the research centres at the University of Barcelona which belongs to the Scientific Park of Barcelona. The main interest of the centre is the study of public decision making processes from several perspectives including economic theory, game theory and quantitative analysis. The research group constructs flexible tools to evaluate public policies related to welfare and environmental policy and to analyse potential reforms. In addition to the academic interest of these studies, the analysis also covers the effects of governmental policies on a wide range of economic agents. Furthermore, this work facilitates the debate on the effectiveness of economic policies before applying them. Research is focused on the analysis of certain areas of great economic importance such as health, education and housing.

CREB has established strong links with other related institutions not only national, such as the Department of Economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona or the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales in Madrid, but also international such as the University of Minessota. Other connections have been established with other disciplines such as law (Institut de Dret Públic) or environmental studies through the Scientific Park network. Additionally, the CREB has had considerable success in attracting funding from a great range of agencies such as the Spanish Ministry for Education and Culture, Spanish Ministry for Science and Technology, the Autonomous Government, Generalitat de Catalunya, or the European Union, DGXIII, COMAC-HRS.