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the Netherlands

University of Amsterdam
AMIDSt Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan and International Development Studies
Department of Geography and Planning
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

AMIDSt is a paramount institute in the field of urban and regional research and planning studies in the Netherlands. The institute plays a major role in international forums; its staff has a high international reputation, and the study centre fosters a programme of distinguished visiting professors. The institute also has established contacts with local and national policy authorities. AMIDSt brings together a range of academic disciplines from the University of Amsterdam to conduct integrated research into urban development and environmental policy.

The AMIDSt employs approximately 30 prominent national and international contracted PhD researchers (social and political geographers, urban and regional planners, urban sociologists, demographers, urbanists and economic planning specialists), and a number of research assistants, graduate students and additional researchers to support the contract research.

AMIDSt subsidises and supervises about 20 PhD students (including a large number of international students). Per year, three or four guest researchers, usually from abroad, are attached to the AMIDSt for a period of several months. The AMIDSt mission is based upon five guiding principles: the development of academic theories, social relevance, integration, internationalisation and an interdisciplinary approach. AME participates in the national research school NETHUR.