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last updated: October 5, 2005


The Borough of Ursynów is an integral part of Warsaw. It has an area of 44.6 square kilometres, which accounts for around 10 per cent of the capital's area. In the beginning of the 1970s the development of the estate started. At present, Ursynów has a population of 112,000 and ranks first in Warsaw with regard to population growth thanks to its scheme of rapid housing development.

Ursynów is an attractive place to live and a fertile development area due to its location and resources. The borough can be subdivided into four main parts: a vast residential area with a well-developed shopping network, an exhibition and trade zone, a lightly-developed area with a number of dispersed farm estates, and the Kabacki Forest natural reserve.

Policy has been aimed at developing Ursynów into a universal borough of growing significance in the Warsaw metropolis, to preserve its historical, cultural and ecological values, to develop ample housing, employment and recreational opportunities for its residents and to foster a good climate for the development of business, modern economy and international co-operation.