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last updated: October 5, 2005


The Jósaváros housing estate is situated to the north of the city centre. It is close to the centre, not more than 15 minutes walk away. Small size condominiums (4-16 flats) and terraces with family houses surround the estate. Further to the northwest, but not far from the estate, is the Sóstó Forest and to the northeast is the Igrice Marsh. Both areas are protected. The small size condominiums and terraced and family houses (all with small gardens) around the estate are very popular among the local elite: groups of high-income families have moved there since the estate was first under construction. The mayor also lived there.

Jósaváros consists of 3,600 dwellings in 57 buildings constructed between 1970-1979 (8 per cent of the total housing stock in the city). In 2001, there were 8,494 people living on the estate, making up for 7 per cent of the whole population of the city. The housing estate has two basic zones: some eleven-storey high-rise buildings in the centre (the core) and some five-storey buildings encircling the centre. There are also some eleven-storey high-rise buildings on the eastern side of the estate, but the basic structure is as described above.