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last updated: October 5, 2005

San Siro

San Siro is a large district located in the western side of town presenting an interesting and complex integration between: an area of large social housing blocks built in the post-war period 1951-1955 and best known as 'Quartiere Harrar', and next to one of the most residential area of the city. The main city stadium and the hippodrome is not far from these estates as well as huge green areas and parks.

The district is very large and it also presents an area of social housing built in the 1930s, closer to the center of town presenting features of poverty and decay. The interesting features of the district are the contrasts between the rich and poorer areas. The entire district is not far from the highly developed commercial and trading exhibitions area, from high-tech technology to fashion, design and furniture well known as 'Fiera di Milano'.

The above mentioned 'Quartiere Harrar' presents nine linear buildings with 5/6 floors, defined by the same architects working on these projects 'horizontal skyscrapers'. This area according to its building plan was supposed to be provided with all public structures (schools, library, health local services, public transportation) and indeed some of these infratructures are functioning. The adiacent area we shall also look at presents visible differences both in the extention of the open and empty spaces, the abandoned green areas without specific integration with the surroundings as well as a difference in the housing structure composed by anonymous, larger and higher buildings. Contrasts are evident in all the areas of the district at all levels: demographically, culturally, socially, economically. Some interesting restructuring and requalification project are currently undergoing in the district.