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last updated: October 5, 2005


Tower Hamlets (HAT) in Bow, Tower Hamlets, Inner East London is one of six HATs established by the Housing Act 1988. Tower Hamlets, according to the Index of Local Deprivation (2000) "Rank of Average of Ward Scores" is the most deprived local authority district in England. The HAT is a Non Departmental Public Body (i.e. qango) to which three estates, formerly belonging to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, were transferred in 1993 (following a ballot of tenants).

The HAT's housing stock was, at the time of designation, comprised manly of high-rise units constructed in the 1960s and 1970s. By the end of the programme (2004/2005), approximately 1,000 new homes will have been built and a furthest 150 improved. The HAT is remodelling the three old estates on a low-rise "neighbourhood" basis and also undertakes community development work through its subsidiary (and one of its successor bodies) "Bow People's Trust".

The HATs are distinctive in benefiting from a capital budget far greater than that of other estate-based regeneration schemes in England. Tower Hamlets HAT's lifetime government grant in aid will be approximately £123 million. This has been supplemented by a partnership with the Circle 33 Housing Association and the creation of a new landlord "Old Ford Housing". At the end of the HAT programme, tenants will be balloted (again) on their future choice of landlord.