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last updated: October 5, 2005


Råslätt is a large suburban area built between 1966 and 1972. The whole housing stock is owned by a municipal housing company and consists of thirty similar 6-8 storey buildings, surrounded by an extensive area of fields and woods for walking and recreation. The area has about 4,400 inhabitants, most of whom have a low to very low income and many of whom are unemployed. More than 50 per cent have an immigrant background.

Råslätt is one of the examples of a large-scale suburban area, built during the Million Programme. The programme had only been in progress for a few years, however, when a critical debate was sparked off. In 1975, the Government appointed a committee to propose solutions for suburbs with problems. Råslätt was one of the suburbs where government-induced pilot projects aiming at improving the situation in problem-ridden housing areas were introduced. Over a 15 year period this project together with various types of continuous actions and programmes created a very positive development spiral in Råslätt.

However, at the beginning of the 1990s it was obvious that Råslätt, like many other large-scale housing areas in Sweden, was again facing a very difficult situation. One of the roots of this downward trend was a new and very complicated immigrant situation. In order to offset a negative development spiral in Råslätt, the municipality and the housing company started a comprehensive project-programme in 1996 and this is still going on. It is directly controlled by the City Commissioner and is focused on increasing employment, improving knowledge of Swedish and rebuilding the shopping centre.