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last updated: October 5, 2005


Öxnehaga was built during the same period as Råslätt, i.e. in the beginning of the 1970s. The estate consists of storey buildings and small houses. The storey buildings are central in the area and, since a few years ago, owned by the same municipal housing company as Råslätt. The total dwellings in Öxnehaga are 2,200, of which 1,500 are in the storey buildings. The estate has about 5,000 inhabitants. The rate of those having an immigrant background is lower than in Råslätt but higher than the average of the total community. The same is valid for the figures that illustrate unemployment and dependence on different kinds of allowances.

Öxnehaga is located very beautifully with a magnificent view of the big Lake Vättern. In the beginning this made the area attractive. Later on the reputation of the storey buildings significantly degenerated partly on account of inferior (relatively) housing standard, partly by problems in the organisation of the housing service and management. The area has been renovated in several stages both during the 1980s and the 1990s. The removals are low in the small house area, but higher in the storey building area.

Today Öxnehaga is included, exactly as Råslätt is, in the same 10-years-long comprehensive project-programme, which started 1996 and is directly controlled by the City Commissioner. The main objections are focused on increasing employment and better integration of the immigrants in the Swedish society.