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last updated: October 5, 2005

Märkische Viertel

The Western large housing estate Märkische Viertel was built between 1966 and 1975 as a replacement area for the scrap-and-build renewal strategies away from the inner city and as an attraction to workers from Western Germany who were needed after the wall was built. Housing some 35,000 inhabitants, the estate was a focus of tenant unrest and social crisis up to the beginning of the 1990s when a tenant-oriented and well-managed rehabilitation process - in conjunction with improved services - was able to turn the negative development around.

Presently, the area is a highly normal Berlin neighbourhood including many older Germans and younger non-Germans. The area is subject to a well-established and experimenting management by the GESOBAU, still the largest owner, a quasi-private housing company owned by the city.