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last updated: October 5, 2005

Sant Roc

Sant Roc was built in the municipality of Badalona at the beginning of the 1960s, next to Barcelona. It was developed by the "Obra Sindical del Hogar", a public institution belonging to the central government. It involved 46.2 ha and 6,634 dwellings. The main objective for the construction of this estate was to absorb immigration, mainly working class families, from the rest of Spain. At present, this housing estate is managed by the ADIGSA, a public autonomous institution, and is inhabited by 14,500 people, mainly very low-income families and gypsies which represent around 30 per cent of the total population.

This estate has suffered from the so-called "concrete disease" and the risks associated with it were high enough to trigger the rehabilitation of the area in 1994. Institutions compromised to develop 918 new dwellings, demolishing deteriorated buildings in four stages. The relocation of families related to the first stage has recently finished and involves 184 new houses. The policy aim behind the relocation has been to address the mix between the dominant ethnic minority (gypsies) and the rest.