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last updated: December 6, 2005


In this section we present to you the results of the RESTATE project. A short descriptive index is provided underneath.

Local publications Local press releases and diverse publications
Handbook Visions and scenarios for post-WWII large housing estates
The Handook can be ordered with this order form.
Edited Volume I Restructuring large housing estates in Europe
The book is available to order online at a 20% discount, please see
Transferability Paper on Transferability of the policies
Success and fail factors Inventory from the 10 RESTATE countries of the success- and fail factors in the estates
Opinions Report 4: Opinions of residents on recent developments
Policies Report 3: Policies and practices
Problems Reports 1 and 2: Overview of developments and problems
Reports 1-4 can be ordered with this order form or be downloaded from this website.