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last updated: September 27, 2005


The project will be organised in the following phases:

In Phase 1 (identification and clarification), literature research, analysis of other secondary sources and interviews will lead to reports that address the question of which structural factors make the difference between the success and failure of large housing estates - both in theory and, from examples, in practice.
Expected date of publication: June 2003.

In Phase 2 (policy analysis I), analysis of reports and memoranda, interviews and discussions with stakeholders and end-users will result in papers that address the question of which philosophies and aims are central in the policies being promoted in the estates under review.
Expected date of publication: December 2003.

Phase 3 (policy analysis II) focuses on the question how these policies are organised, what activities are included, how these policies have matured and changed over time and how these philosophies, aims and organisational aspects can be evaluated. The same method as in Phase 2 will be used.
Expected date of publication: December 2003.

Phase 4 (policy effects) focuses on the effects of the policies. Interviews and structured questionnaires will be administered in all the estates in this project, resulting in a large database and country reports in which the opinions, ideas, and experiences of inhabitants of these estates can be found. In this Phase we will include a cross-evaluation of the results: researchers and stakeholders from different countries will comment on the results in other countries.
Expected date of publication: September 2004.

Phase 5 (explanation) aims at identifying the backgrounds and explanations of the effects. Why and in what ways have some policies been more successful and others less successful? We will use focus groups and interviews with stakeholders and end-users to arrive at an answer to this question.
Expected date of publication: January 2005.

Phase 6 (generalisation and transferability) will focus on the question of whether and in what way the results of the project can be expanded to other contexts, not only to different estates and cities inside the research countries, but also beyond. To assist in addressing this question a conference will be organised involving researchers, stakeholders and end-users from different Western and especially Eastern European countries. A well-organised discussion immediately after the conference between the research partners and our own stakeholders and end-users will consolidate the results and feed into the outputs from the project.
Expected date of publication: June 2005.

Finally, in Phase 7 (conclusions) a handbook will be written containing visions and scenarios for large housing estates in Europe. On the basis of this handbook a database will be produced. In this phase also scientific and more popular papers will be written and completed for national and international journals.
Expected date of publication: October 2005.