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Restructuring large housing estates in Europe: Policies, practices and perspectives

Conference for researchers and policymakers
19-21 May 2005 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

A new impulse for housing estates specialists
As a policymaker or researcher, you are dealing in your city or in your country with post-war housing estates. Once it was the dream of every hard-pressed city family to move into one of these neighbourhoods. But many of them are now in serious physical and social decline, or are likely to be in the near future. Wouldn't it be useful to learn:

The European Fifth Framework RESTATE project focuses on the circumstances on these large post-war estates, on policies to counteract negative trends, and on activities that stimulate positive developments. As a policymaker or researcher concerned with post-war housing estates you will find a warm welcome at our conference.

This unique event brings together policymakers and researchers from all over Europe and offers ample opportunity for the exchange of views and experiences in dealing with large post-war housing estates.

There are many good reasons for coming to the conference. It will …

… inspire the exchange of experiences

On the basis of the results of the RESTATE project, the participants will actively exchange experiences in the workshops on these topics:

… feature interesting speakers
Four keynote speakers from the field of urban housing issues in both East and West Europe will present research findings on the current situation of post-war housing estates and policy solutions. All this information will be put in an historical and an East-West perspective. The speakers are:

… provide lots of information
Poster presentations on practices in large housing estates all over Europe will feed the discussions and stimulate the exchange of experiences. As an extra, several movies will be shown about the early years when the estates were built, as well as today's situation.

… take place in an attractive location
The conference will be held in Ljubljana in Slovenia: one of the oldest and smallest European cities, but one of its youngest capitals. The conference venue will be the Mons Hotel and the Congress Centre, Ljubljana.